Impacting Lives in Need - Non-profit Organization

About Us.

Impacting Lives in Need, Inc. Nonprofit Organization

Impacting Lives in Need, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that will assist seniors and people with disabilities. The board of directors each have over 10 years experience as participants in other not for profits which assist people in various ways. We have board members that are also members of the communities that we intend to serve.

Our mission is to provide people resources to remain safe, healthy, and in habitable homes.

Our Purpose

• To assist underserved communities, including seniors and people with disabilities;

• To provide financial assistance to these communities for their necessities;

• To provide affordable housing for these communities;

• To provide our Friendly Caller Program (Comfort Calls/Check ins for Seniors and those with disabilities)

• To partner with law firms and contractors providing discounted services;

• To develop other programs to serve these communities;


Our Team

Brian Pueschel

CEO / President

Roberto Del Valle

Director and Treasurer

Angela Pueschel

Chair Director / Vice President / Secretary.

Harold Garrett

Advisory Board Member

Pamela Morgan


The founder, Brian Pueschel, has a special interest in underserved communities which include seniors and people with disabilities. He has gotten to know and appreciate them while providing assistance to these communities as an attorney and as a member of another not for profit.

As an attorney, Brian assisted, advised, and coached several people with disabilities in obtaining their social security disability benefits. He also advised several seniors on legal matters.

As a member of another not for profit, he assisted seniors, people with disabilities, and people with lower incomes as a caseworker who visited them and requested financial assistance for necessities on their behalf.

Each of the directors has been touched emotionally by their involvement in assisting these communities.
A note from the directors:

We look forward to continued efforts to make a positive impact in serving these communities.